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Seeing The Good In Every[one]thing

In Family on February 15, 2012 at 4:43 am

I am probably in way over my head starting a blog, but here we are. I just decided to start a blog moments ago after seeing a friend’s that promised it wouldn’t be political and I thought, “Why not?” I adore politics and everything about it. Politics and government are a daily part of our life that some think are worthless or corrupted.

I go through a battle almost every day with my father about what politics are and what it means to be a successful man. He believes that politics are a dirty, disgusting game that no one can play without getting their hands dirty, and that there is no man in this country with a vast amount of wealth who got there without playing the same game. Obviously he looks on the pessimistic side of things and I struggle daily to try to get him to see that not all men are bad. That some people make their way through this world and can do so with moral values.

He has lingering issues with having his fathering skills questioned. Anytime someone says something that could even be skewed to the point that he thinks you’re calling him a “bad father”, he goes into defense mode.

My maternal grandfather, Dean Felton, passed away last Friday and we had the funeral today and I have tried every day to live my life like he did his. He’s powerful and kind and no matter what, family always came first to him. He lived his life seeing the good in everyone person he met, and it has always inspired me to see that too.

Now, this blog won’t be as personal or as emotional as this post was. I’ll do mostly political commentary, public service projects, and just a dash of comedy but I will say from time to time that family will find it’s way in here because Feltons and Fosters know that no matter what you do, family will be right behind you.