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Struggling Towards Success

In Education on August 6, 2012 at 6:12 pm

Attending a community college has taught me a couple of things. One, you’re really on your own in life and two, no one can change your future except you.

Getting an associates degree from Ivy Tech is definitely not my goal. Don’t get me wrong, Ivy Tech is the only school that gave me a chance right out of high school and I owe them everything for that but, it’s not my destination. I came out of high school hoping to start toward a political science degree and I don’t know why it would be anywhere near the ballpark of easy, looking back on my high school experience. (troublesome to say the least) I just hoped that college could be a fresh start where I could really show my talent. So I don’t totally blame universities like Ball State, IU, or Purdue who took one look at me and probably laughed.

So Ivy Tech gave me a chance, and so far i’ve been less than impressive. A new semester is starting though and maybe i’ll show the world, or at least myself, that i deserve to be given a chance but I’m still going to apply to Purdue. I want to interview with them. I want them to see me in the flesh and let me show to them that I have to will and the capabilities to go places and sadly, I just can’t get to where I want to go with a community college degree. I know on paper i’m not exactly a first round draft pick. Heck, I’m not even a second or third round pick, but Tom Brady was a sixth round pick and Albert Pujols was even a thirteenth round pick. So no matter how unlikely i may seem, i think i’m a hidden threat.

It looks as though i’ll be taking a few classes this semester; Spanish, Personal Law, and State and Local Government. These are right in my wheelhouse and hopefully i’ll just crush them and be that much closer to a Purdue degree.