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What About Us?: America’s Forgotten Class

In Politics on November 6, 2012 at 5:20 pm

Any one who’s been following this election even remotely can tell you that one of the major issues is the middle class. Obama is proud of his track record is the auto-industry and hopes that translates into votes from swing states like Ohio and Michigan. When he came into office, Ohio’s unemployment rate was at an abysmal 10% and now it’s up to 7.9%. That means that 150,000 new jobs have been added in Ohio alone and that gives him a major boost, despite what conservative pundits might say. There’s also been some major backlash at part of Obama’s economic policy that Romney has pounced on. Obama’s plan to ask the wealthiest 1% to pay a little more of their fair share so that we can spur economic growth has stuck in their craw.

So this is all beside the point. We’ve focused entirely on the middle-class and the upper-class and we’ve forgotten the lower-class, the poor. The poor are the backbone of America and they don’t have a voice right now. The poor has literally built this country since it’s creation and they’re the key to a prosperous future.

I’ve always advocated infrastructure and transportation and those are the sectors that need the biggest boost. America has an issue with these jobs. Middle-class workers strive for corporate jobs so they can have nicer cars, better homes, and more ipads. We complain because jobs are being shipped overseas by major corporations and people like Mitt Romney, but from a business standpoint, it makes sense. The fault lies with the American people who are refusing to take these “lower” jobs and this forces companies to find people who will. America is a pretty expensive country and the cost to pay our workers compared to the cost of the products we’re making just doesn’t make fiscal sense. But i’ll tell you what, there’s a whole group of people, 46 million people, who want those jobs. We just have to train them.

FDR’s New Deal is exactly the model we need to look at today, but instead of try to dig ourselves out of a depression and prevent another one, we need it so we can spur economic growth and become the undisputed leader of the free world. When Obama first took office, for a short time he offered states block grants is they had infrastructure projects ready but needed the money to complete them. The Federal government needs to do this again but on a much larger scale. If the country truly wants less government, than for a short time, we need some heavy government. We need to federal government to update and build roads, housing projects, skyscrapers, anything that can get those 46 million people working.

If we really want to get the country “back on track” then we need to look to the past and see what programs really did that and how we can employ those same principles and ideals to our modern-day issues, and it starts with the poor.