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The United States – An Introvert

In Politics on February 17, 2012 at 12:29 pm

With Iran and Israel on the brink of war, it seems that conflict is becoming an equally preferred choice to diplomacy. Since 2001 I’ve maintained that the U.S. is at a point in time where we must revert back to a state of isolationism. The United States is increasingly being pulled into conflicts due to the fact that we have the power to do so and we viewed as a “big brother” to the world. The enevitable conflict with Iran and Israel will turn the world’s eyes towards us and we will be expected to make a choice. Do we pre-strike Iran’s increasingly advancing nuclear power program before it gets to the point of no return and risk further increasing the war in the middle east that Obama has done a pretty good job of calming down? Do we assist Israel if Iran attacks them and cause a major war to escalate and lead to nuclear war tension like during the Cold War? Do we stay out of the conflict all together and risk Israel and Iran getting out of hand?

We cannot predict the future but what we can be certain of right now is that the rest of the world needs to step up and, for lack of a better term, grow a pair. Terrorism is a difficult enemy, but it’s even more difficult when the U.S. has little to no help. Now is not a time for neutrality and refusing to take a side. Whether we like it or not, war will come, and who then will help the U.S. fight a growing threat?

In the meantime, the U.S. is in dire need of assistance in it’s own way. With a high unemployment rate, a roller-coaster economy, and increasingly partisan views, we need to focus on our own issues. I understand when there’s cause for concern that people around the world are worse off than the average american, but until the situation’s in Iran and Libya get much worse, don’t we owe it to our citizens for everyone to have a job, a home and food? How are we suppose to help someone else when we’re having issues of our own?

So I maintain that the U.S. needs to protect it’s citizens and their liberties until such a time that any serious conflict threatens those aforementioned.


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